1) What devices fit into Optrix XD?

XD5 (iPhone 5, iPhone 5s*)
XD4 (iPhone 4s, 4, iPod Touch 4th Gen)

* Due to the iPhone 5s having a wider frame than the iPhone 5, there can be very minor vignettes when using the some of the lenses.

2) Can I operate my device while it is in the XD case?

Yes. Optrix has a protective watertight membrane over the touchscreen that allows you to fully operate your device while it is safely locked inside.

3) Can I talk on my iPhone while it is enclosed in my XD?

The XD5 has a door on the bottom of the housing that allows access to the headphone jack and microphone so you can talk on your iPhone 5 while in the XD5. You’ll need to remove your iPhone 4 from the XD4 to talk.

4) Can I charge my iPhone inside the XD?

The XD5 has a door on the bottom of the case that allows access to the lightning cable jack for charging your iPhone 5 while still in the XD5.

The XD4 must have the iPhone 4 removed to charge.

5) How long can I record?

Recording time depends on a number of factors. In real life conditions we see close to an hour of HD recording time with 7GB. Therefore an 8G iPod touch will record about an hour, while a 64G iPhone could record for up to 8 hours (limited by battery of course).

6) How long will my battery last?

Battery life can depend on many factors including temperature and age of device. We typically see 1-2 hours of recording time.

7) Can I use alternative iPhone cases inside the XD?

Third party cases will not fit into the XD housing. Our proprietary sleds were designed to be sleek and sturdy enough to use as an everyday, light duty case, so use ours instead.

8) How Waterproof is my XD?

XD5 is waterproof to a depth of 33ft (~10m).
Xpedition is waterproof to a depth of 33ft (~10m).
XD4 is waterproof to a depth of 6ft (~2m).
Optrix cases are great for water sports (kayaking, surfing, wakeboarding, etc.) but are not intended for Scuba Diving.
Optrix cases do NOT float.

9) Can I listen to music with my iPhone inside an XD case?

XD4 – Bluetooth headphones only. There is no access to the headphone jack.
XD5 & Xpedition – Yes, access to headphone jack is possible through the charging door. When the charging door is open the XD is no longer waterproof.

10) What is the Optrix warranty?

Optrix has a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects and a 30-day money back guarantee with proof of purchase. Optrix Lenses carry a 1 year warranty against factory defects. As the lens is constructed of glass, it is possible to break the lens when dropped directly onto the lens face. This is not considered a factory defect and not covered under warranty.

11) Why is my footage blurry or wavy?

Blurry or wavy footage is predominantly caused by two scenarios. The iPhone was never intended to film while moving at a high rate of speed. iPhones will “hunt” for the best point of reference in the foreground to focus on. Refocusing constantly will make the footage blurry. Use Optrix Apps to lock the focus and get crisp, clear footage. Extreme vibrations will make the footage wavy. When given the choice, always mount your Optrix XD in a place where vibrations are the lowest.

12) Google Maps keeps asking me to “Send feedback” when I am riding my bike.

Google Maps has “Shake to send feedback” enabled by default, so when you are riding your bike and using Google Maps, this will keep popping up. Turn it off by going into Settings and change “Shake to send feedback” to “off”.